Your guide to taking control on your Journey to Parenthood and Beyond!

Evidence Based Audio Program

Narrated by Marc Sherman and Kate Webster, this five-part audio program delves into recent and remarkable scientific findings on the topic of overcoming infertility. By applying principles of biology, sociology, psychology, and multivariate statistics this program demystifies unexpected pregnancies by examining commonalities and unearthing strategies that empower potential parents to put an end to the struggle.

Introducing the Journey to Parenthood and Beyond 

We are an organization that through a multi-year research project has developed a 9-step audio program that helps women and couples normalize the incredibly painful and chaotic journey of infertility. We differentiate ourselves from mainstream infertility treatment by emphasizing the power that our thoughts have on our bodies and spirts.

No matter where you are, Organic Conceptions will get you through.

Our program was designed to help you every step of the way. Our research followed couples through their journeys to parenthood from getting started, through the struggle, and finally to conception, which means we are here to guide you as you encounter the many twists and turns that emerge on the road to parenthood.

In Treatment

We understand that many times when someone in treatment for infertility, it’s easy to feel like we are broken and need to be fixed. We understand the toll and impact that a treatment regimen can have on a woman’s overall health and relationship with their bodies. Because of this, our program is specifically designed to help women and couples maximize treatment success by aligning mind, body, and spirit. We do this by exposing the critical transitions that emerged in our research, patterns that encourage you to look at your infertility “label”, how you can create a “prescription” that is right for you, and finally take a deep look at the impact of medical intervention and how couples can cope during this challenging time Our goal is to help keep you centered, inspired, and engaged in the flow of life as your progress forward on your journey to parenthood and beyond.

Considering Treatment

It became evident in our research the turmoil that couples can face when they are forced to confront an uncomfortable reality and what they can do when considering an uncertain future. We understand the deep desire that couples have to become parents and their need to consider all possible paths to achieve this goal.  Our program uses the collective experiences of so many couples to help guide you in making difficult choices: is medical treatment right for you and your family? Have you considered the potential side effects, not just physical, but emotional? Have you done all you can to position yourself for success in your journey? Organic Conceptions strives to challenge you to connect your mind, body and spirit to put you in an optimal position that effectively maximizes your chances at conception whether with treatment or naturally. We will ask you to think differently about your sense of self, ability to cope, and how you stay connected and excited on your journey to parenthood and beyond.

Alternative Approach

Many people are looking for alternative and noninvasive approaches to conception that align with their philosophy, faiths, and view of the world. The Organic Conceptions program is built off of research from couples who overcame years of infertility and conceived naturally.  The program will walk you through the nine key transitions that couples experienced that ultimately changed the mind, body, and spirit and led to successful pregnancies. You will learn from the paths forged by others who have been just where you are. Through listening to stories, honoring perspectives, and examining statistics, our research was based in a bio-psycho-social model of investigation, one that will guide you to a place of peace and acceptance, all while never giving up on your dreams of parenthood! This program will keep you inspired and help you realize that what might seem impossible is possible.  

Helping you navigate predictable stages when struggling to conceive

Through guided discussions, journaling and applying the exercises that follow each of the nine tipping points in the program, couples can understand where they are in their journey. Couples will gain clarity and become aware of what may or may not be working for them, take back control and rethink their situation as they reach for whatever will be. The program will teach you that the journey of infertility is a process with predictable patterns that offer comfort and insight. The journey has a common language and will affirm that you are not alone.

What you will learn:

  • An in-depth look into the scientific findings on the topic of overcoming infertility 
  • Hear stories and quotes from couples who overcame infertility in their own voice
  • Understand the key shifts and statistical patterns that explain how couples overcame the struggle
  • Learn strategies and tools to embrace trust and grow on your journey to parenthood
  • Over 7 hours of exclusive research from this multi-year study
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you don't love it for any reason whatsoever, let us know within 30 days and you'll receive a full refund

5 Part Audio Program

Part 1: Introduction

You'll learn how founders Marc and Dr. Kate approached their research, the goals of the overall program, and how you can optimize these findings to reach your desired result: parenthood.  

Part 2: The Conception of Doubt

Find out how doubt comes to be, how it can easily become all consuming, and ultimately drive behavior and dictate the choices we make, relegating couples to the passenger seat as they struggle to become parents. 

Part 3: Patience to Patient

Look into what leads couples to lose patience and move into the patient role. Learn about the impact of what getting a “label” and/or “diagnosis” can do as you seek out answers and look for the fix. This portion of the program takes a deep look at the effect and role of treatment and how couples can cope during this challenging time. 

Part 4: Surrender to Life

Examine what causes couples like you to reach their tipping point when they can’t continue on their current path. This change often brings an unexpected result, allowing you to reach back into life, achieving a level of awareness and renewal that dramatically alters the journey to parenthood and beyond. 

Part 5: Organic Guidance Tools and Strategies

The conculsion to the program, is a high-level synthesis that translates each chapter into an actionable set of tools and recommendations that provide a path onward and upward toward your ultimate goal.

Reclaim control of your journey today!


Let our program teach you that the journey of infertility is a process with predictable patterns that will offer you comfort, insight and empowerment. The program is designed to teach you how not to believe everything you think!