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Organic Conceptions began with founders Erin and Marc Sherman’s personal struggle in trying to conceive for nearly a decade. In partnership with Ph.D Kate Webster they used proven scientific practices to dig deep into stories from couples like them who unexpectedly overcame infertility (i.e Adopted then conceived, and other such stories). Each individual story offers insight, but when woven together, they provide a road map that can guide others on their personal journey to parenthood.

 ** This program is not about "letting go", "just relaxing" or "giving up" on your quest to become parents. It's an evidence based program designed to optimize your emotional health for conception. 

"I have finished the audio program and it has been immensely helpful. I feel like I have come out of a dark cave I didn’t know I was in. Your program made me realize how much I had taken the role of “struggling with infertility” and internalized it. I honestly didn’t remember what is was like to NOT have this cloud of infertility hanging over me. Now that I’ve taken the course I feel like I’m free. Your program has brought me back to a place of peace. It made me realize I need to take care of my whole self when previously we were just focusing on what could be physically wrong, but I need to pay attention to my heart and mind; they also need care! Thank you so much for all the work you and Dr. Kate, your wife Erin and anyone else on your team did. I am truly grateful!"

- Anonymous

"This is our story ...and it could be your beginning."

We almost let infertility beat us...

My wife and I struggled trying to conceive for close to a decade. The emotional journey was nothing like we ever experienced ranging from doubt, fear, panic, anger and jealousy.

A search for answers!

Like everyone else, Erin and I had always heard stories about people who, after years of trying, miraculously conceived. But we never thought that would be our path. Imagine our total shock when it happened to us not just once, but twice!  

With Ph.D. Kate Webster leadership, we set out and examined hundreds of people's stories to find greater patterns, insights, and commonalities. What we uncovered in this multi-year study was not just that -- YES-- there are predictable behavior patterns and trends but that you can use those patterns to empower yourself on your journey to parenthood and beyond! 


Transform your journey today!

"I really ate it up because I had never heard my infertility addressed and described in such specific ways. I have pages of journal notes from it, so many things starred and underlined. After getting through the program I was on cloud nine because it helped me so much! My husband and I are going to go through it again together. Thank you so much for this incredible program. "


"This program has served as a great coping tool and reminder that whatever fertility struggle you may be battling, it simply is not bigger than life itself. I've been consumed by my own problems, fears and worries with my fertility. This program helped me to look at the big picture and a reminder that the more power I give to those negative feelings, the less I’m giving to my own healing and self-worth. "


"I just wanted to say that we've been finding it really powerful. It has been so helpful being able to understand what has been happening the last few years. It has been so valuable to be able to identify why we are reacting the way we are and to be able to identify with so much. It has really helped me to stop being so fearful. I was so close to starting antidepressants when it was suggested that I start this program."


"Until this program, I hadn't realized I was carrying so much resentment (to the doctors, my husband, my family, the world). I am terrible at showing my emotions, stoic at all times, never letting my guard down. Anyway, I was amazed at how I poured out all my emotions on to paper. I feel better already. Thank you and Erin for doing this, for trying to help other couples. Amazing!"


 Self Discovery Program

This cognitive behavioral program  will walk you through the 9 key transitions that emerged in this unique one of a kind research. These transitions will provide you the answers to how so many couples unexpectedly overcame their struggle. 

You will discover that you are not alone and uncover the way to regain balance in your life while still moving forward. With techniques and strategies that enable you to re-frame misconceptions and dispel powerful distortions of thought that couples endure. 

Evidence Based Audio Program and Workbook

Organic Conceptions “Journey to Parenthood and Beyond” is a 5 part audio program and workbook that delves into these remarkable findings from couples who overcame infertility. Narrated by Marc Sherman and Kate Webster (Ph.D in Social Psychology), they discuss in detail the patterns, commonalities and insights that were discovered in this multi-year study.

These findings now serve as a framework, to help you  embrace and emerge from your struggle, no matter where you are on your path to parenthood. Complete this powerful program, as a couple, in the privacy of your own home! 

Take a peak at our Couples Guide!

**This guide is not a stand-alone resource. It's a supplement to used with the 8 on-line audio modules!

Trusted and recommended by a wide range of industry professionals

Medical Doctors, Nurses, Acupuncturists, Fertility Practitioners, Abdominal Therapists and more, have all endorsed Organic Conceptions as a critical tool for couples to optimize their emotional health and well-being for conception.

"Marc & Kate's evidence based program brilliantly combines audio discussions with journaling and practical exercises to help those trying to conceive identify pivotal moments along their journey, gain clarity, and ultimately regain their personal power. "

Diane M. Lowry
HealthFocus Acupuncture

"The Organic Conception's Journey to Parenthood audio program and workbook is an invaluable resource and adjunct to patients treatment to help address the often overlooked emotional obstacles that go hand in hand with infertility"

Ginette Slaiher - LAc, Dipl.OM, FABORM
Acupuncture Wellness and Fertility Clinic

"After finishing the program I noticed my client was visibly different. Her demeanor had changed from one of anxiety and desperation to one of peace and optimism. She said she gained valuable life skills from the program!"

Monica Bergeron
CFCP, ICON Fertilitycare Center

It's more than the pure "mechanics"...

A recent global meta data analysis concluded that psychological interventions had a "Significant effect on pregnancy rates"

The reality, however is that many couples do not seek professional help for many reasons (appointment fatigue, costs, etc). In addition, couples become so fixated on the pure "mechanics" and the physical aspects of treatment that they don't make space for their emotional health and well-being.  

Our unique cognitive behavioral program can be completed at your own pace in the privacy of your own home.

Integrating this program as part of your preconception care can have a profound impact on your quality of life and outcomes!

Transform your journey today!

Take this empowering first step and transform your journey today! Our program comes with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee!